Scales of Justice

Who we are

The Assigned Counsel Resource Center (ACRC) is funded through a grant, provided by the NYS Office of Indigent Legal Services, and sponsored by the Legal Aid Society of Westchester County. The Center is located in downtown White Plains within walking distance of Criminal, Family and Federal Courts, and accessible to all Assigned Counsel, Mon-Fri, from 9-5, by appointment. Attorneys have access to a private room, where they can speak with their clients at the Westchester County Jail via video webcam. Our highly professional investigators have extensive knowledge of the court system, and the agencies that provide services throughout the County and New York State. Funding is also available for experts and non-custodial parent visits.

Our goal is to improve the quality of  services provided under Article 18-B of the County Law

What we do

The Assigned Counsel Resource Center (ACRC) provides FREE investigative services to enhance the quality of mandated representation provided by Assigned Counsel in the criminal and family courts throughout Westchester County.

Services Provided

  • Background Checks

  • ​Crime Scene and injury photograph

  • ​DMV checks

  • ​Expert Referrals

  • ​Process Service

  • ​Public Records Access

  • ​Service of subpoenas

  • ​Witness interviews

  • ​450.10 Inspection of Property

Visit our Resource Center

  • Video Webcam

  • Community Resources

  • Research Tools



“I'd like to thank you for all your hard work in

SUCCESSFULLY locating a prior 'missing' respondent!  This was an impossible person to locate. Thank you!!”

Allison Shack, Esq.

“The Resource Center is wonderful!!

It makes my job a lot easier and helps me to give my clients the best representation possible.”

Rachel Filasto, Esq.

"The 18-B Resource Center has proven invaluable in my practice. The use of its investigative resources has allowed me to dispose of several cases in a manner most favorable to my clients. I urge my fellow panel attorneys to make use of all aspects of the Center in order to help indigent clients level the playing field with prosecutors."

Michael Kevin Duffy, Esq.